Drewbie Glass


Q) How may I Pay? 
A) I currently accept Paypal/ Venmo, Cash App, Zelle and Credit/Debit Cards. My Website Uses PayPal and Takes Credit/Debit. 
Q) How do you Ship? 
A) We Ship Multiple Times a week with USPS. 

Q) Do you Accept Customs? 
A) Yes, from one of my Designs, you can pick the Color or Colors, and various Upgrades that I Offer.  
Q) How Do your Customs work?
A) I start customs with talking over a design, after we have figured out a plan, a drawing may be necessary to make sure we are on the same page. After that, I will provide a quote on how much the Project will Cost, Items + Shipping. Once paid (non-refundable) We will be able to schedule You on my list for a specific date.

Q) What Kind of Upgrades are Available for Sluggo Rigs? 
A) You may Upgrade Eyeballs , add Teeth, and add Micro Sluggo Infestations. 
Q) What type of Upgrades do you Offer for Eyeballs? 
A) You May pick Between my Realistic Eye, Realistic Eye with an Opal, or an Opal Eye. (For Iris Color, you may ONLY pick between, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, or Purple) 
Q) What mm are your Pieces? 
A) 10mm, unless requested Otherwise
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